Just Like Grandma Used to Make

Sharing recipes, stories and memories from my grandma Ginna Burgoyne's kitchen

About Grandma and I



My name is Nicole Lindblom and my grandmother’s name is Ginna Burgoyne. She is a wonderful woman with so much personality! Of all of the things my grandmother loves to do, I would say that cooking is by far her favorite. She loves to set a beautiful table for any occasion, and will always welcome you to her home with a big plate of delicious food. This was always one of the greatest things I admired about my grandmother, was her ability to show love through good home cooked meals. Our shared passion for cooking is what has brought us close together and one of our favorite things we still share to this day. I always think of grandma when ever I am in the kitchen, and know that everything I have learned over the years has come from her.

Grandma grew up in a small town called Nowthen, Minnesota which is about 40 miles Northwest of Minneapolis. Her father was a farmer, who raised poultry during the second world war, and had over 200,00 chickens. Her father hired the help of all of the women in neighborhood, and my grandmother’s job was to take care of all of the children of those women. Everything during that time was for the war effort, and everyone worked hard together as one big family. Throughout this time her mother great-grandma Stromberg, worked hard to feed all of the farm workers and thrashers during the harvest. Grandma can remember her mother making big plates of home cooked chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. There were home made sweet rolls, donuts, cakes, pies and cookies. It wasn’t until my grandmother grew up and got married that she developed a love and passion for cooking. Being a wife and mother she looked back on all of her mother’s recipes growing up, and used them to guide her in the kitchen. These recipes have now evolved over the years and have been given to me. I will be able to use them and now teach my children how to cook, and these traditions will continue to be passed down through the generations.

My love of cooking has come from my grandmother. Just like her, I found a love and passion for cooking once I was married and had children. Growing up with my grandma, I used to stay with them through the summers, while my mother and father were at work.  I have so many fond memories of my summers with grandma and grandpa, and still can remember grandma making all of her recipes when I was a little kid. Now that I am grown, I have taken those recipes and adapted them as my own, and I am able to share them with you. Creating a blog is a wonderful way to pay tribute to my grandma and the bond that her and I share.

Above photos: (T) Grandma, Grandpa and I, (B) Grandma with some of her grandkids


One comment on “About Grandma and I

  1. Siv Maria
    January 30, 2014

    Your Grandma also inspired my love for cooking! Some of these recipes I remember well. Good job Nicole! I will make sure to spread the word about your blog and if you ever need any help I am here.

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